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The Irish Potato Famine was written by Philip Gavin (BA - Northeastern University, MS - Boston University) founder and publisher of The History Place, and was first posted on The History Place Web site on June 12, 2000. Mr. Gavin has also written the popular history The Rise of Adolf Hitler which appears elsewhere on this Web site.

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For your convenience, links are provided to if you wish buy any of the books to read more about the Famine and Irish history. The books (and videos) might also be available at your neighborhood bookshop or local library.

Atlas of Irish History by Sean Duffy (Editor) - 144 pages (November 1997) IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 0028620119

The Boston Irish: A Political History by Thomas H. O'Connor - 384 pages Reissue Edition (March 1997) Little Brown & Co.; ISBN: 0316626619

The Famine Ships: The Irish Exodus to America by Edward Laxton - 256 pages Reprint Edition (March 1998) Henry Holt; ISBN: 0805058443

The Great Famine: Ireland's Potato Famine 1845-51 by John Percival - 192 pages (1995) Viewer Books; ISBN 1575000024

The Great Famine and the Irish Diaspora in America by Arthur Gribben (Editor) - 288 pages (February 1999) University of Massachusetts Press; ISBN: 1558491732

The Great Hunger by Cecil Woodham-Smith - 510 pages Reprint Edition (1989) Old Town Books; ISBN 0880293853

A History of Ireland by Peter and Fiona Somerset Fry - 366 pages (1988) Barnes & Noble Books; ISBN: 1566192153

Ireland: A Concise History by Maire and Conor Cruise O'Brien - 192 pages 3rd Edition (September 1985) Thames & Hudson; ISBN: 0500273790

The Irish Famine (Discoveries) by Peter Gray - 191 pages (October 1995) Harry N. Abrams; ISBN: 0810928957

The Irish Famine: A Documentary History (The Irish Studies Series) by Noel Kissane (Editor) - 184 pages (October 1997) Syracuse University Press; ISBN: 0907328245

The Irish Famine: An Illustrated History by Helen Litton - 144 pages (1994) Irish Books and Media; ISBN: 0937702145

The Irish in America by Michael Coffey (Editor), Terry Golway (Text) - 272 pages 1st Edition (March 2000) Hyperion; ISBN: 0786885432

Out of Ireland: The Story of Irish Emigration to America by Kerby Miller, Paul Wagner - 132 pages (August 1994) Elliott & Clark; ISBN: 1880216256


Celtic Journey Through Time (1998) Directed by Norman Staples - A&E Entertainment, 63 minutes.

The Irish In America: Long Journey Home (1997) Written by Thomas N. Brown & Richard Ben Cramer, Directed Thomas Lennon, Mark Zwonitzer - Disney Studios, 360 minutes.

New York (1999) Written by Ric Burns & James Sanders, Directed by Ric Burns - PBS, 600 minutes.

Out of Ireland: The Story of Emigration into America (1995) Written and directed by Paul Wagner - Shanachie Video, 111 minutes.

Picture Credits

The period illustrations seen in The Irish Potato Famine were kindly provided by Steve Taylor, who has constructed a remarkably interesting Web site entitled Views of The Famine featuring a large number of illustrations and original text from the The Illustrated London News and Pictorial Times. The American photos were provided by the Library of Congress and U.S. National Archives.

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