The History Place - World War I

Comprehensive Year-by-Year Timelines with Photos

Timeline Title
Pre-war Alliances; Belgium Invaded; Battle of Tannenberg; Battle of the Marne; First Battle of Ypres; Trench Warfare Begins
Poison Gas First Used; U-Boat Warfare Begins; Second Battle of Ypres; Gallipoli Landings; Lusitania Sunk; Italy Enters War
Battle of Verdun; Sea Battle of Jutland; Russian Brusilov Offensive; Battle of the Somme; French Nivelle Offensive; Romania Enters War

Zimmermann Telegram; Russian Revolution; America Enters War; French Mutiny; Third Battle of Ypres; Caporetto Attack; British Tank Attack

German Spring Offensives; First American Action; Allied Counter-Offensives; Armistice Ends Fighting; Treaty of Versailles; Post-war Germany

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