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Part One: The Early Years

Father and Sons - Joseph P. Kennedy holds sons Joseph Patrick Junior (left) and two-year-old future president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in 1919.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29, 1917, the great-grandson of Irish immigrants. His father, the son of a saloon keeper, had graduated from Harvard and at age 25 became the youngest bank president in the U.S. He was a highly skilled investor and money handler and made a fortune. In 1914, Joe Kennedy had married Rose Fitzgerald, the daughter of John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, a colorful Boston politician. Young Jack Kennedy was the second child in a family that would eventually have nine children. Joe Jr., Jack, Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean, and Edward (Teddy).

Pals - and rivals - Joseph Patrick (left) and John Fitzgerald. Fiercely loyal and fiercely competitive, they sometimes even brawled as boys. Joe was a natural athlete and had many talents, but was also a bit more serious. Young Jack Kennedy was a sickly child but fun loving and well liked. Despite his illnesses, Jack liked to compete in sports, the competitive spirit largely encouraged by his father.

With the girls - Rosemary, Kathleen and Eunice in 1925.

Playing policeman. At about age five, Jack decided he would become a cop.

In the water at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, the family's summer home.

On the team - the Dexter boys school football team in Brookline, Massachusetts, featuring Jack Kennedy at about age ten (seated on ground, front right) and older brother Joe (row behind, third from left).

A bright-eyed, handsome boy - JFK at age eleven.

Growing up - and all dressed up, at the family's vacation home in Palm Beach, Florida.

1931 family portrait at Hyannis Port. Left to Right: Bobby, Jack, Eunice, Jean, Joseph Sr., Rose with Pat in front of her, Kathleen, Joe junior, and Rosemary.

At Choate, an exclusive prep school in Connecticut. The Muckers, a group that delighted in practical jokes and bucking the school's traditions, featuring JFK on the right, 1934. Their antics nearly got Jack expelled. Right - Choate graduate, class of 1935, surprisingly voted "Most Likely to Succeed." As a final joke on the school, Jack rigged the election.

1937 - Feeding the pigeons in Venice during his first tour of Europe. Right - with little friend at The Hague.

With Kathleen at Palm Beach.

Young JFK signed portrait.

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