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When do Great Powers cease to be “great”?
Reflections on Britain and its usefulness to the United States by Dr Michael J. Turner, Roy Carroll Distinguished Professor of British History at Appalachian State University, North Carolina.

U.S. Army Soldier-Artists in Vietnam
Sending teams of soldier-artists into the war-torn fields of Vietnam is a little known aspect of the Vietnam War. In 1967, Jim Pollock was one of these soldier-artists. In this essay he gives an overview of the U. S. Army Vietnam Combat Art Program and takes the reader with him into the fields of Vietnam.

When Mommy Comes Marching Home by Bari Walsh
Even before Iraq, women in the military developed PTSD at alarming rates. What happens when today's battle-scarred women come home?


Auschwitz 60 Years Later - Two Perspectives
Notable comments by the leaders of Israel and Germany upon the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Vietnam Today by Zachary Abuza
Professor Abuza, an expert in Southeast Asian politics, offers an in-depth assessment of problem-plagued Vietnam, now, some three decades after the Vietnamese gained full control over their own destiny.

Why Human Rights Matter by Irene Khan
Secretary General
of Amnesty International, Khan, offers some thoughts on the stark challenges facing the global movement for human rights.

The Patriot by Karen Feldscher
Born in an internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II, he became a decorated U.S. Army colonel. Now, Ed Wakayama has a passionate message for America: Learn from your mistakes.

Politics in the Classroom by Lynne Cheney
The former head of the National Endowment for the Humanities takes a close look at how history is being taught to America's young people.

Teaching Our Children About America by Lynne Cheney
In this speech, following the September 11 terrorist attacks, Mrs. Cheney responds to calls for more multiculturalism in the classroom.

Cambodia's Twisted Path to Justice by Ben Kiernan
A blunt assessment by the Director of the Genocide Studies Program at Yale University.

Not Out of Africa by Mary Lefkowitz
Was Socrates black? Did Aristotle steal his ideas from the library in Alexandria? Do we owe the underlying tenets of our democratic civilization to the Africans? Mary Lefkowitz, Professor at Wellesley College, explains why politically motivated histories of the ancient world are being written and shows how Afrocentrist claims blatantly contradict the historical evidence.

Memories of the White Rose by Dr. George J. Wittenstein
Dr. Wittenstein is one of only two survivors of the inner circle of the White Rose, a resistance group of anti-Nazi German students and their supporters that openly opposed Hitler. He delivered this fascinating lecture to a Jewish organization in Los Angeles.
Section One - Introduction and Background
Section Two - The Leaflets
Section Three - The Russian Front
Section Four - Trial and Aftermath

Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
Harvard Professor Goldhagen asks why, when Hitler conceived of the "Final Solution," he was able to enlist vast numbers of willing Germans to carry it out.

Race and Identity: A Personal Perspective by Glenn C. Loury
Boston University Professor Loury ponders the meaning of his own racial identity.

Artificial Intelligence: The End of Capitalism? The End of Humanity?
Dr. Jim Castagnera speculates whether humans or AI will inherit the earth.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum: Why Christians should go by Barbara Beckwith
The managing editor of Catholic magazine, St. Anthony Messenger, takes us along on her first visit to the museum in Washington.

Auschwitz: 'It's Amazing That a Bird Can Sing Here' by Barbara Beckwith
The insights of Ms. Beckwith as she went to Poland to see Hitler's most notorious death camp

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