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Battle Hymn of the Republic
Sing along or just listen to this great live performance by the U.S. Military.

Bloopers, Blunders and Bombast
Uncensored comments of American politicians.
(Please note - Some of the language may not be suitable for younger readers)

Strange but True
Interesting little tidbits and moments that changed History.

How to protect yourself from an Atomic Bomb
See pages from a 1950 pamphlet handed out to citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Fabulous Slide Shows

A Visit to Plimoth Plantation
Step back in time to 1627 and enjoy a tour of Pilgrim Village and Hobbamock's (Wampanoag Indian) Homesite in Massachusetts. This is an authentic recreation of the village first established by English colonists from the Mayflower Ship. Photos are by The History Place with informative captions provided by the historians at Plimoth Plantation.

A Visit to Old Sturbridge Village
This fantastic outdoor living museum takes you back in time to a rural New England community of the 1830s, featuring over 200 acres of historical landscape and more than 40 antique buildings. Photos (taken during the spectacular fall foliage season) are by The History Place with informative captions provided by Sturbridge Village.

Sail Boston 2000
Boston's spectacular Tall Ships parade as seen from the deck of the Aircraft Carrier USS John F. Kennedy.

The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels
Four aerial photos from their 1998 Boston Air Show.

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