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President John F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, Jr., in a beached rowboat at Bailey's Beach, Newport, Rhode Island. September 15, 1963.
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
The White House Years
Winter of 1962. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy treats John Jr. to a sled ride on the White House lawn.
Mrs. Kennedy with John Jr. inside the White House nursery. August 1962.
President Kennedy greets John Jr. upon arrival at Hammersmith Farm, Newport, Rhode Island. August 1962.
A very relaxed First Family at Hyannis Port. This picture was one of Jacqueline's favorites.
Inside the Oval Office, President Kennedy encourages Caroline and John Jr. to dance. October 1962
President Kennedy plays with son while sitting on the West Wing Collonade at the White House. March 1963.
Summer of 1963. The President exits a candy store with John Jr. while carrying his toy animal.
John Jr. wanders away during a family photo session featuring all of the Kennedy children and the President. August 1963. The children, left to right: Kathleen Kennedy (holding Christopher Kennedy), Edward Kennedy Jr., Joseph P. Kennedy II, Kara Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., David Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, President Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Courtney Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, Bobby Shriver (holding Timothy Shriver ), Maria Shriver, Steve Smith Jr., Willie Smith, Christopher Lawford, Victoria Lawford, Sidney Lawford, Robin Lawford (in foreground- John F. Kennedy Jr.).
John F. Kennedy Jr. with a puppy at Hyannisport. August 1963.
Halloween fun in the Oval Office as Caroline and John Jr. play 'tricks or treat' with the President. October 1963.
The Kennedy family leaves St. Mathew's Cathedral in Washington after the funeral mass for the slain President. November 1963.

(Photo credits: U.S. National Archives & Kennedy Library.)

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