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The 12-inch guns aboard the British Battleship HMS Dreadnought. Not long after the launch of the Dreadnought Class battleships, even bigger 15-inch guns that could fire up to 16 miles became the new standard. Below: British sailors sponge the barrel of a 15-inch gun.

Below: The sleek looking British Battleship HMS Iron Duke, flagship of Admiral John Jellicoe, Commander of the British Grand Fleet.

Below: The German Battleship Kaiser, launched in March 1911 and armed with ten 12-inch guns--marking the advent of the Kaiser Class size of German battleships to compete with Britain's Dreadnoughts. By the war's outbreak in 1914, Germany's naval fleet, with 25 battleships, was second largest in the world, outgunned only by Great Britain with its 43 battleships.

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