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German workers linger during their defiant shutdown of the Rhine Metal Works in Düsseldorf in the Ruhr industrial region of western Germany. Below: A French show of force in reaction to the strikes as troops approach the city of Essen in the Ruhr

Below: A French patrol in Essen encounters a German civilian.

Below Left: French troops in Dortmund, Germany, confiscate items from a store. Below Right: A French guard unit now stationed at the Rhine Metal Works in Düsseldorf.


Below: Germans in Berlin stage a mass protest on the Königsplatz on January 14, 1923, in reaction to the French occupation of the Ruhr. The protest occurred amid fears by German officials that angry mobs might storm the French Embassy in Berlin. The Embassy became a focal point of German resentment with crowds gathering there to sing Deutschland Über Alles, the German national anthem (Germany Above All) as an affront to the French personnel inside.

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