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A heartfelt goodbye from families for young men leaving Tarentum, PA, answering the call to war. Below: Twenty-five-hundred new arrivals at Fort Slocum, New York, ready for training. The specter of millions of American soldiers joining the fight in Europe propelled the Germans to abandon their long-standing defensive strategy on the Western Front in early 1918.

Below Left: Bayonet fighting instruction by a British Sergeant Major at Camp Dick, Texas. American military leaders sought advice and training from experienced British and French combatants. Below Right: Enthusiastic American soldiers ready to set sail for France. The arrival of buoyant young Americans in Europe in 1917 lifted the spirits of long-suffering Allied populations and frontline soldiers physically and mentally exhausted by three years of war.


Below: Behind the lines in France, newly arrived Americans undergo intensive training in the rigors of trench warfare.

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