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The History Place World War I Timelines and the accompanying photo displays were written/created by Philip Gavin, founder and publisher of The History Place Web site. The World War I Timelines were first posted on The History Place Web site on April 22, 2009. Published works by Mr. Gavin (BA-Northeastern University, MS-Boston University) include World War II in Europe and The Fall of Vietnam.

World War I Timelines - Select Bibliography

For your convenience, links are provided to if you wish buy any of the books to read more about World War I. The books (and videos) might also be available at your neighborhood book shop or local library.

Armistice 1918 by Brigadier C.N. Barclay - 155 pages (1969) A.S. Barnes; ISBN 498073769

The Enemy at His Pleasure: A Journey Through the Jewish Pale of Settlement During World War I by S. Ansky - 352 pages (April 1, 2004) Holt Paperbacks; ISBN-10: 0805059458

The First World War by John Keegan - 528 pages (May 2000) Vintage; ISBN-10: 0375700455

The First World War by Hew Strachan - 384 pages (April 2005) Penguin; ISBN-10: 0143035185

The First World War: A Complete History by Martin Gilbert - 640 pages (May 1996) Holt Paperbacks; ISBN-10: 0805047344

The Great War (West Point Military History Series) Thomas E. Griess, Series Editor - 224 pages (June 1986) Avery Publishing Group; ISBN 0895293129

The Great War: And the Shaping of the 20th Century by Jay Winter and Blaine Baggett - 432 pages (November 1996) Penguin; ISBN 0670871192

An Illustrated History of the First World War by John Keegan - 456 pages (October 2001) Knopf; ISBN-10: 037541259X

Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World by Margaret Macmillan - 624 pages (September 2003) Random House; ISBN-10: 0375760520

Passchendaele: the Tragic Victory of 1917 by Philip Warner - 272 pages (1987) Atheneum; ASIN: B000I9DMJE

A Pictorial History of the World War I Years by Edward Jablonski - 316 pages (1979) Doubleday; ASIN: B000KO4DYU

Prelude to War (World War II ) by Robert T. Elson - 216 pages (November 1976) Time-Life Books; ISBN 0809424509

The Western Front by Richard Holmes - 224 pages (July 2000) TV Books; ISBN-10: 1575001470

World War I by HP Willmott - 336 pages (July 2007) DK Publishing; ISBN 9780756629670

5 Days to War by R. Ernest Dupuy - 192 pages (January 1967) Stackpole Books; Lib Cong 67-16526


American Experience: The Great War 1918 (2005) produced by WGBH Boston (56 min)

The Complete Story: World War I (1964) produced by CBS News (645 minutes)
Volume 1: The War Begins
Volume 2: The Loss of Innocence
Volume 3: The Tide of War Turns

The First World War - The Complete Series (2003) produced by Jonathan Lewis for Channel Four (523 minutes)
Ten Episodes: To Arms; Under the Eagle; Global War; Jihad; Shackled to a Corpse; Breaking the Deadlock; Blockade; Revolution; Germany's Last Gamble; War Without End

The Century of Warfare Series (1994) produced by Nugus/Martin Productions (52 minutes each)
The World Goes to War 1900-1914
Blood and Mud 1914-1918
War of the Eagles 1914-1918
War to End All War 1914-1918
Air Warfare 1914-1918
Naval Warfare 1914-1918


About 250 original newspaper reports from World War I were studied via The New York Times Web site which contains a vast online archive. The first-hand accounts by frontline reporters such as Sir Philip Gibbs and others were especially useful in creating interesting photo captions.

Picture Credits

All of the photos were acquired by The History Place from the US National Archives and Library of Congress. Many of the photos underwent some degree of digital restoration by The History Place to remove scratches and blemishes etc. that occurred over time, in order to bring them back to their original appearance as much as possible.

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