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A German forward observation post destroyed by British artillery. Below: A British heavy gun in action. The British had entered the war using small caliber field guns with ineffective hit-or-miss tactics. But after years of hard-learned experience and frontline experimentation, British artillery became highly effective and devastating to the Germans.

Below: Once elaborate German trench fortifications churned to bits by intensive artillery targeting.

Below: Stockpiles of French shells about to be moved to forward artillery batteries and fired on the Germans. Similar to the British, the French had entered the war at a disadvantage, firing small caliber guns including the famed 75-millimeter (2.9 inch) gun that did minimal damage to German trench fortifications. But by the time of the German offensive at Verdun, French artillery had come of age, featuring newly developed 14-inch guns and others that were a match for the big German howitzers.

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