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Genocide in the 20th Century was written by Philip Gavin (BA - Northeastern University, MS - Boston University) founder and publisher of The History Place, and was posted on The History Place Web site on November 6, 2000. Mr. Gavin has also written the popular history The Rise of Adolf Hitler and The Irish Potato Famine which appear elsewhere on this Web site.

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For your convenience, links are provided to if you wish buy any of the books to read more about Genocide. The books (and videos) might also be available at your neighborhood bookshop or local library.

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Picture Credits

Various geographical maps appear courtesy of the U.S. Government. Original artwork (maps) by The History Place include: Nazi Holocaust (Death Camps); Nanking (Japanese Empire); Armenians in Turkey (Ottoman Empire, Land of Turan, Turkey and Armenia Today). Photo Credits: Pol Pot in Cambodia photos are courtesy Ben Kiernan, who is the A. Whitney Griswold Professor of History and Director of the Genocide Studies Program at Yale University; Nazi Holocaust photos appear courtesy the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum; Rape of Nanking, baby at Shanghai is courtesy U.S. National Archives; Stalin's Forced Famine, Stalin and Molotov courtesy U.S. National Archives.

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