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At Wuerzburg, Germany, Jewish deportees carrying bundles and suitcases march through town in columns behind Nazi officials riding in an open car.

The Jews of Wuerzburg were taken by police officials into the Platzscher Garten hotel. In one room of the hotel, their luggage was inspected by Gestapo officials and all valuables were confiscated. The luggage was then taken to a collecting area, from where it would supposedly be taken to the deportation train. However, the deportees never saw their luggage again.

In a second room, the deportees surrendered all their personal papers showing ownership of securities and property. They were left only with their identification cards, watches and wedding rings. In the next room the deportees underwent body searches for concealed valuables. Even gold fillings were removed from their teeth. Next, their identification cards were stamped "evakuiert" [deported].

They were then surrendered to an SS detachment until ready to leave for the railway station. To facilitate the march through the city and the boarding of the trains, the deportees were organized into groups led by Jewish ordners. The transport traveled to Nuremberg, where it was attached to a larger Judentransport departing for ghettos and concentration camps in the East.

(Photo credit: U.S. National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives)

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