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The Krakow Ghetto 1940 - 1943

Forced by the Nazis to relocate to the Krakow Ghetto, Jews move their belongings in horse-drawn wagons.

Jews at forced labor constructing the wall around the Krakow Ghetto that will seal them in.

Polish laborers seal off the doors and windows of buildings on the outer boundary of the ghetto.

Jews obtaining work permits or ID cards in an administrative office in the ghetto.

A father walks with his son along a street in the ghetto.

Jews selling off their possessions in the streets.

A crowd of Jews fill the market square.

A German policeman checks the identification papers of Jews in the ghetto.

German soldiers amuse themselves by forcing Jews to dig ditches in an empty lot.

Jews arrested in the Podgorze neighborhood of Krakow are lined up along the pavement with their hands against the wall of a building.

A member of the German police kicks a Jew who is climbing onto the back of a truck during a round-up for forced labor as two other Germans look in amusement.

March, 1943. SS guards oversee a column of Jews with bundles walking down a main street in Krakow during the final liquidation of the ghetto.

A Jewish woman and her two young children await deportation.

(Photo credits: Main Commission for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes, National Archives in Krakow, Archives of Mechanical Documentation, all courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives)

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