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Serbian troops go forward to meet the Austrian invaders upon the outbreak of war in 1914. The outnumbered Serbs fended off three separate invasions by the Austrians while inflicting heavy causalities. Below Left: A 12-year-old Serb assists at an artillery battery in Belgrade. Below Right: King Peter of Serbia (on left) among his troops in the field.


Below: As they invade Serbia, Austrian soldiers wage murderous retaliation, settling old grudges dating back to the Balkan Wars and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Below: German cavalry is transported via the Danube River for the invasion of Serbia by a combined force of Germans, Austrians and Bulgarians in October 1915.

Below: Germans pass through the town of Paracin deep inside Serbia.

Below: In the face of an overwhelming attack by armies from three countries, rather than surrender, the entire Serb Army along with the King and a large number of civilians, conduct a perilous retreat westward through the steep snowy mountains into Albania, where they will seek Allied assistance and wait to fight another day.

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