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World War II

European Theater

Diary of a Tail Gunner by John Gabay
Twenty-six bombing missions aboard a B-17 over Nazi Germany.
Section One - Missions 1-10
Section Two - Missions 11-20
Section Three - Missions 21-26


From Hitler Youth to U.S. Air Force by Hubert Schmidt
As a boy in Berlin, he couldn't wait to join the Hitler Youth. Trained for anti-aircraft duty, he experienced the crashing end of Hitler's Reich and postwar misery, then made a new home in America, even joining the U.S. Air Force. A complete autobiography, with original photos.
Section One - My Home, My Family, My Berlin
Section Two - Hitler Smiled at Me
Section Three - The War Escalates
Section Four - Downed Our Own Me-110
Section Five - Attacked by Twelve B-17s
Section Six - Going Home
Section Seven - Postwar Misery
Section Eight - East-West Border Crossings
Section Nine - Russian Blockade
Section Ten - Gone to America

A Girl's Life in London 1939-1945
A remarkable look at the daily life of a London family during the Blitz as seen through the very observant eyes of a young girl.
Section One - Britain in the Late 1930s
Section Two - How the War Changed Everyday Life
Section Three - Battles, Breadbaskets, and Bombs
Section Four - More Bombs, a Break, and School in Wartime
Section Five - D-Day and 'Our' Doodlebug
Section Six - Last Year of the War

A Boy's Life in Holland 1940-1945 by Lucien Hut
Only nine years old when World War II began, he grew up amid the uncertainty, fear, hunger and daily dangers of life in a Nazi occupied country.
Section One - War Begins/About My Family
Section Two - Tragedy and Humor
Section Three - Shortages and Confiscations
Section Four - Daily Dangers
Section Five - Labor Conscription
Section Six - The War Ends

Pacific Theater

A Kamikaze's Story by Kanji Suzuki
A rare glimpse into the world of Japanese suicide pilots.

Don't Cry Darling! by Peter Milo
A little act of kindness by a U.S. Marine amid the terrors of war.

Stop That Ship! by Peter Milo
The day a young Marine cop pulled over a Navy ship.

Life in the USA

Remembering the Vietnam War Moratoriums by Jim Castagnera
Marching along Fifth Avenue with candle in hand.

Searching for Uncle Aaron by Jim Castagnera
The significance of a life well-lived during the Civil War.

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