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World War II

European Theater

Diary of a Tail Gunner by John Gabay
Twenty-six bombing missions aboard a B-17 over Nazi Germany.
Section One - Missions 1-10
Section Two - Missions 11-20
Section Three - Missions 21-26


From Hitler Youth to U.S. Air Force by Hubert Schmidt
As a boy in Berlin, he couldn't wait to join the Hitler Youth. Trained for anti-aircraft duty, he experienced the crashing end of Hitler's Reich and postwar misery, then made a new home in America, even joining the U.S. Air Force. A complete autobiography, with original photos.
Section One - My Home, My Family, My Berlin
Section Two - Hitler Smiled at Me
Section Three - The War Escalates
Section Four - Downed Our Own Me-110
Section Five - Attacked by Twelve B-17s
Section Six - Going Home
Section Seven - Postwar Misery
Section Eight - East-West Border Crossings
Section Nine - Russian Blockade
Section Ten - Gone to America

A Girl's Life in London 1939-1945
A remarkable look at the daily life of a London family during the Blitz as seen through the very observant eyes of a young girl.
Section One - Britain in the Late 1930s
Section Two - How the War Changed Everyday Life
Section Three - Battles, Breadbaskets, and Bombs
Section Four - More Bombs, a Break, and School in Wartime
Section Five - D-Day and 'Our' Doodlebug
Section Six - Last Year of the War

A Boy's Life in Holland 1940-1945 by Lucien Hut
Only nine years old when World War II began, he grew up amid the uncertainty, fear, hunger and daily dangers of life in a Nazi occupied country.
Section One - War Begins/About My Family
Section Two - Tragedy and Humor
Section Three - Shortages and Confiscations
Section Four - Daily Dangers
Section Five - Labor Conscription
Section Six - The War Ends

Pacific Theater

A Kamikaze's Story by Kanji Suzuki
A rare glimpse into the world of Japanese suicide pilots.

Don't Cry Darling! by Peter Milo
A little act of kindness by a U.S. Marine amid the terrors of war.

Stop That Ship! by Peter Milo
The day a young Marine cop pulled over a Navy ship.

Vietnam War Era

On Full Automatic: Surviving 13 Months in Vietnam by Bill Taylor
A search and sweep mission turns up a lost baby.

Remembering the Vietnam War Moratoriums by Jim Castagnera
Marching along Fifth Avenue with candle in hand.

Life in the USA

The Molly Maguires: Hoax, Terrorists or Working-Class Heroes? by Jim Castagnera
Folklore and a famous film of the mysterious group.

Searching for Uncle Aaron by Jim Castagnera
The significance of a life well-lived during the Civil War.

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